Simply giving back to children

Did you know that according to recent studies, one out of seven children in Quebec come from an underprivileged family? With the onset of the coronavirus, chances are that those numbers get even worse.

Did you also know that donation centres can’t give out socks or underwear to children or their parents due to hygienic reasons?

This fall, we decided to give back to Toujours ensemble, an organization that helps kids and young people in Verdun who have faced school, family, economic or social problems. As a result, we’ll donate a pair of socks to the organization for every pair purchased. Toujours Ensemble will then distribute it to children in need. It’s a great way to make a difference in that community.

Corporate gifts that make a difference

Give our socks to your customers or your employees while making a difference for children. A nice touch that makes a big impact.

Good for your feet. Good for the kids.

Help children in need while also pampering your feet by picking up a pair of our socks – and why stop at one – from our exclusive collection.

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