Free shipping for orders of $45 and more (in Canada only)
Free shipping for orders of $45 and more (in Canada only)


You say that you will offer a pair of socks to a child who lives near my home. How does it work?

Distribution is possible thanks to local charities. When you buy socks from Maison de Massy, you enter your postal code for your order, and the donated pair is sent to a young person who lives near you.
If you want to know more about the organization that takes care of your donation,
contact us.

I live outside of Quebec. If I buy your socks, will the second pair be given to a child near me anyway?

Our long-term goal is to be able to give a pair of socks to a child living near each client, wherever you are. As we are still in our launch phase, we are currently giving children from the greater Montreal area, but we are in the midst of developing partnerships with organizations all over Quebec, and soon outside the province.

What are the charities that deal with the distribution of socks to children?

Since we are in our launch phase, socks will be given to organizations close to us in Montreal like Sun Youth, la Fondation du Dr. Julien, Dans la rue et DJ Sport Community program. As we get new organizations from client orders, we will add them to the list.

What are your criteria for selecting the children to whom you will give socks?

Maison de Massy does not select the children to whom the socks are given. This responsibility rests with the various charities with whom we collaborate.

How much time is needed for the pair of socks to really reach a child?

We will count all donations throughout the year and then give them out at two key points in the year: in August for the start of the school year, and in December for the holidays.

Where are your socks produced, exactly?

All our socks are made in Italy. We will soon be adding content about our manufacturer and process for making our Spring-Summer 2019 collection. Stay tuned!

What is your return policy ?

We accept all requests for return without time limits, as long as your socks have not been worn, of course.

To make a return, write to We will provide you with a link for printing the packing slip. Simply put the socks back in the original packaging to return them. We cover the shipping costs of the return. The amount will be refunded on the card used at the time of purchase in no more than 30 days.

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