When your feet give a hand

Every pair of socks sold means that one pair is donated to a child in need in Quebec.

Discover our sock collections for men and women

Why give back to children

One out of every seven children in Quebec is part of a low-income family. Families often have to decide between food or clothing, and as a result, they have to rely on donation centres to clothe themselves. However, these centres don’t offer underwear or socks for hygienic reasons.

Keeping our children warm means making Quebec a better place.

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Socks that warm the soul

All of our socks are crafted with painstaking attention to detail and your comfort in mind. Our women’s socks are elegant, comfortable, warm and quirky. Our men’s socks are chic, practical, creative and cozy.


    Available in five comforting colors, this sock will warm many hearts!

    Made in Québec. A must-have in your wardrobe.

    Perfect fit for flat shoes, these socks will stay in place for comfort and breathability throughout the day.

    Here are some socks to keep your feet and heart warm.


    Perfect for the colder weather!

    Just a reminder, you can’t take yourself too seriously!

    This timeless design is perfect for all occasions.

    A touch of color to add some sun to your day!


    Made in Quebec. Be chic while looking good in the blink of an eye!

    Made in Quebec. In the same color as the Ruby, a unique and beautiful gemstone, this sticky stocking will be the treasure of your little ones.

Corporate gifts that make a difference

Give our socks to your customers or your employees while making a difference for children. A nice touch that makes a big impact.

children keep their feet warm because of you!

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