Free shipping for orders of $45 and more (in Canada only)
Free shipping for orders of $45 and more (in Canada only)

Our Mission

How does it work? A model that has proven itself.

Maison de Massy‘s mission is primarily social: its business model is “one pair for one pair”, a model that has been proven elsewhere in the world.

When you buy a pair of Maison de Massy socks, you’re also donating a pair of the same brand-new socks to a disadvantaged child in a developed country.

You buy ten pairs? It’s ten pairs that will be given back. It’s simple and perfectly effective.

Our goal? Help communities around us.

In Quebec, one in seven children live in low-income families. When you have to choose between food and clothing, you often rely on donation centers to get dressed. Here’s the problem, though. Hygiene reasons mean that these centers offer neither underwear or socks.

No need to go far to help your neighbor. If you feel that life has treated you well and that you want to give back to others, Maison de Massy offers you a simple way to make a difference. Your purchase will support a young person who lives near you.

The product? Quality socks made in Italy.

Everyone’s well-being is important to us: children, our customers and our suppliers. That’s why we chose to have our socks made in Italy. At our supplier, employees are treated well and Italian expertise is reflected to the end of our socks. Maximum comfort, durability and quality. Va bene!

The Good News.

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