Free shipping for orders of $45 and more (in Canada only)
Free shipping for orders of $45 and more (in Canada only)

About us

Maison de Massy is the culmination of much thought and reflection from its founder, Virginie Robert de Massy.

Virginie grew up in Montreal in a tight-knit family. She learned early on how lucky she was to be born in a privileged environment with access to a quality education, a world of opportunities and a caring, loving family.

Because of that, Virginie always wondered what good comes from living a charmed life if you don’t share its happiness with as many people as possible. It seemed counterintuitive to carry out entrepreneurial projects if they didn’t provide her with a chance to help those around her.

With Maison de Massy, ​​Virginie offers an essential product of superior quality: socks made in Italy. For each pair of socks sold, another pair will be offered to a disadvantaged child from a developed country.

Distribution is possible thanks to local charities. When you buy socks from Maison de Massy, you enter your postal code for your order, and the donated pair is sent to a young person who lives near you.
If you want to know more about the organization that takes care of your donation, contact us.

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