When a good idea goes a long way

Maison de Massy is the culmination of a long reflection that its founder, Virginie Robert de Massy, has been carrying out for years.

Virginie grew up in Montreal and realized early that she’d been afforded opportunities that others hadn’t. She lived comfortably with access to a great education and endless possibilities while being surrounded by her friends and family.

But what good is a privileged life if you can’t help others share your happiness with as many people as possible? Virginie always asked herself that question, one that became too important to be ignored. She quickly realized that it made sense for her to lead entrepreneurial projects that could also give back to those who didn’t share her good fortune.

With Maison de Massy, Virginie and her partners offer an essential product of the highest quality. For every pair of socks sold, another is donated to a child in need, because together, we can change the world.

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Good for your feet. Good for the kids.

Help children in need while also pampering your feet by picking up a pair of our socks – and why stop at one – from our exclusive collection.

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